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Christina & Eddie's Georgetown Spectacular

Dancing, Christina & Eddie's Wedding, Corson Building

What's this? A rocket launch? Well, sort of. It's the back yard of The Corson Building in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood on the night of August 19, 2017, as Christina Conrad and Eddie Duroe celebrated their marriage with a few dozen of their best friends. Christina and Eddie kicked off the dancing with "Fly Me To The Moon", and didn't stop until the final tune... It's like they never came up for air! A fog machine, mirror ball and LED and laser lights added some bling, but it was the music that really pushed things over the cliff. Christina and Eddie chose most of the music themselves, with Disco Royale handling the sequencing and additional selections. Kendrick, Whitney, MJ, Macklemore, Beyonce and Con Bro Chill all flowed through the speakers at one point or another... It was truly an honor to kick out the jams for such an incredible celebration, and a pleasure, as always, to work with Matt Dann and his amazing staff at Corson. Congrats to Christina and Eddie-- your wedding was truly spectacular!

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