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Disco Royale 'Rocks' Granite Curling Club!

On Saturday night, April 9, Disco Royale was in the house at Seattle's Granite Curling Club for their annual April Spiel Curling Competition and fundraiser. The theme of the evening, and the whole 4-day event was Studio 54. Being their biggest fundraising event of the year, the April Spiel is vital to the health and continued success of GCC, but nobody let the importance of the event get in the way of having a ton of fun! 52 curling teams of 4 competed (23 from Canada, 27 from USA) competed in a quadruple-elimination tournament around the clock for 4 days, with the winner being crowned Sunday afternoon. The Studio 54 Dance Party, which went from 9 to midnight Saturday night, featured a costume contest, specialty buffet and disco desserts, and even featured a visit from the Seattle Police Department, courtesy a noise complaint at 11:30 or so. Could we have played longer? All Night Long, to be sure, but that's a matter for another decade... Many thanks to Brittney and Harry for for their magnanimity, generosity, and mostly for throwing a GREAT PARTY! And congrats to Granite Curling Club on a highly successful April spiel!

Photos by Lorie Temps

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