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Rocking The Vote: Law Day 2014


On May 1 of this year, Disco Royale was in the house at Highline Community College for the 2014 Law Day Voter Registration Rally, held to support non-partisan voter Registration events during Law Week April 28-May 2.

The event, which was sponsored jointly by Rock The Vote, Sea Tac Municipal Court and HCC, featured local celebrities John Keister (The 206), Michael "Wanz" Wansley (vocalist on Macklemore's Thrift Shop), former Seattle Mayor Norm Rice, as well as several judges, mayors and law enforcement officials.

Disco Royale provided the sound system and played musical themes for each speaker. And despite having to compete with a beautiful sunny spring day, the event was well attended and successful. Here's what one of the organizers had to say about our service:

"Thank you for all the time you spent in preparing for the event and the work you did ahead of time... Having your services made all the difference to our event. It added life and made it dynamic. Without your music and other services, it would not have been anywhere near as energetic as it turned out."

- E. Bejarano

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