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Katherine & Erick Testimonial: "Thank you... you have been an absolute delight with whom to work."

"It really turned out to be the best day of both of our lives (so far) and I think that the music was a huge part of the success of the reception! We’ve had so many compliments from friends and family about the playlist and the general energy of the wedding so we just wanted to share our gratitude with you. Thank you SO MUCH!" - Mary and Dylan Kahler


"We had the BEST time! Everyone kept saying they were getting SO tired and just wanted to rest, but once they headed to go sit down another amazing song came on and they had to go back out and DANCE! I only had one glass of wine and one glass of champagne the whole night because I was dancing so much! You did a wonderful job... Thank YOU!" - Emma and Merritt Hess

Michelle & Jason Testimonial: "The music was perfect!"

"Kevin from Disco Royale was so amazing! He met with us in person to chat and then was in constant e-mail contact. We got married on an island, so he was really flexible with bringing all of the supplies across the ferry. At the wedding he played all of the songs I had asked for and did a great job MC-ing. His extra song selections were all perfect for the crowd, people were dancing like crazy all night long! He was fighting a flu bug and yet still seemed high energy. Overall, I felt really cared for and would recommend this company to anyone! Wonderful experience!" - Kristen and Keith Mowell


"Thanks so much for the awesome work you did at our wedding! Everything went so smoothly and the music was perfect. I left you a much deserved review on WeddingWire. :)"  - Marianne and Bill Lee


"Thank you for all your help and for keeping the party going! We had many compliments from people about how they loved being on the dancefloor the whole time!"  - Megan and Joe Candelario

















Deborah & Diane Testimonial: "Thank you for making our wedding so perfect!"

"Kevin, I just wanted to write one more time and thank you for the wonderful job you did during our wedding! You were spinning and dancing, and everyone was dancing and having a blast, which is exactly what we wanted! Thanks again and again!" - Gayana and Courtney


"Thank-you, thank-you, thank you! You did just an incredible job as DJ at our wedding. I don't think the dance floor was anything but crowded from the moment our first dance ended, and from what we saw everyone had a terrific time." - Paula and Grant Emery


"Thank you so much for the great tunes during our wedding! Our friends and family are still commenting on what a great job you did with the music. : ) We consider ourselves lucky having had you at our wedding!" - Jocelyn and Mark Smith


"Thank you for doing a great job on the wedding. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the music and I had to give all the credit to you. thanks again, and if anyone ever asks me about a DJ, you'll be the man I'll send them to." Rob and Tricia Noreus



"Excellent job on the wedding. I've gotten nothing but great feedback. People are saying "The Best Wedding DJ they've ever heard, period". - Bill and Amy Taylor


"Scott and I wanted to thank you for the great job you did at our wedding ceremony and reception. The music was great, and we really appreciate your low-key approach." - Stephanie St. Jean


"Hi Kevin- Just wanted to let you know that we were both extremely pleased with the music and MC'ing at our wedding-- you did a great job and we'll definitely recommend you to our friends. Thanks again." - Grant and Kathleen Anderson

Erin & Reid Testimonial: "We just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding..."

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding, it was great! We loved all the music and your style was perfect, exactly what we wanted. We've gotten a number of compliments on our 'Great DJ'".  - Lois and Curtis Freeman Freeman


"Thank you for being our DJ on our special day. Your music was great, you were great. We couldn't have asked for anything else. Thanks again!" - Angie and Adam Morris


"Thank you for the great music. You read the reception very well! Everyone comments on the great DJ!" - Eloise and Stacy Arnold


"Thank you very much for your contribution of DJ services for our annual Scholarship Fundraising event. This years Seventies Rock Scholarship fundraiser brought in over $21,000, almost double what we raised last year!" - Dr. Deborah Ranniger, Renton Technical College Foundation


"Thank you for a nice evening of very appropriate music." - Bob Santelli, Experience Music Project

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